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    August 2013
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August 14th – Old friends

Michelle is visiting from New York where she is training to be a PT. Alana and I go with her to get cheeseboard pizza. I squeeze a lot of spicy cilantro dressing on my slice and lean close to hear over the live music.

“I’ve never worked so hard in my life,” Michelle says. It is impressive.

“But do you love it? I mean, you do realize that you’re becoming really awesome.” I say.

Michelle says that she does love it – she loves how people ask her how to fix their bodies and how she can already give them good advice.

We finish our pizza and go across the street to get drinks at a Tapas restaurant. Michelle sees that a guy she once kissed in a bar years ago is working there. He is shaking cocktails in the back bar.

“Wow, I feel like this is so awkward,” she says, “should I say anything?”

“No.” Alana and I agree.

Then we talk about work and life and friends and trips and boys and men. Alana tells me that she hates me for being so happy. A young couple sits down next to us and their baby smiles and is adorable.

“Okay,” I say. “Say that you fall in love and get married in a year. Let’s say everything is perfect. Would you want to have a baby in the next year or two after that?”

“Uh, yes,” they say. I think about how quickly life can change to become something completely different.

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