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    August 2013
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August 9th – Highlights

My CEO demonstrates proper riding motorcycle riding form to my VP and Lauren outside our office. I ride on the back of his Harley and he yells about shifting and proper turning technique over the engine roar. I eat caramel coffee ice cream and we talk about sales systems and growing a business and office dynamics.

I tell him that riding the motorcycle was a highlight, and it’s true. Back at the office we watch youtube videos of crashes.

In the evening I meet with JR and Margaret and folks at Zeitgeist. JR gives me the last of his beer and we promise, as usual, that we’ll find time to meet up in the near future. Not in the next month, but soon.

At the Rabbit Hole Diana lies on her back and lifts me on her feet and I stretch my arms like I’m flying. The evening is awesome.

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