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    October 2013
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    Daily Story
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October 1st – Moving

A man on the Bart tells me that my bike reminds him of Easter M&Ms. Later another guy says that he appreciates how my bike matches my shirt.

“Yeah, I have a whole set of bikes to go with my clothing choices,” I say. The guy laughs a little too hard at my joke.

I mix brown sugar with my single batch coffee at Ritual. I send emails and think about what the future might hold.

In the afternoon I help Stacey move some stuff from her Uhaul to her new room in the Mission. I briefly meet her housemates Tim and Helga, and her landlord helps us dissemble her bed frame so that it will fit up the stairs.

“Where is your man?” He asks.

“We don’t need a man!” I say, pulling the bed frame apart.

“No, I mean, wasn’t there a guy inside?”

“Oh, Tim left,” Stacey says.

We finish and I have my first sushritto from a food truck.

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