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    October 2013
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    Daily Story
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October 3rd – Pizza and Lizards

Lauren and I go to David’s new house in Berkeley to cook pizza and grilled cheese. We make sauce from ripe tomatoes and meet about fifteen people, many of whom are named Chris.

We talk about abalone diving and kayaking and camping in Baja and biology PhDs. We talk about the things we want to do. We make grilled sandwiches with kimchi. I eat a lot of cheese and bread.

Stubbs, a resident of the house, brings down a tiny chameleon that sits on my finger. We go up to his room and see the lizards that he is studying and tiny spotted poison dart frogs. He hands me a snake and we talk about how water snakes are easy to catch, but foul. I recommend hair conditioner as a good smell remover, and he nods.

Lauren and I leave around 9:30.

“Weeknight dinner parties are the perfect amount of socialization,” Lauren says.

I say, “Yes – a few hours, eat good food, meet some new people, done.”

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