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    October 2013
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    Daily Story
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October 8th – Brown Girl Surf

On my way to Patagonia, I traced part of the bike route I took during my first full-time, non summer job. Back then biking along the Embarcadero, past fisherman’s warf, and over the Golden Gate during sunset was my favorite part of the day.

As I rode into the sunset, I thought about how hard it is to know what is really possible.

At Patagonia one of my mom’s surfing buddies, Farhana, talked about her project in India and Bangladesh – surfing with and telling the stories of the young women. I drank the complimentary decaffinated coffee and listened to Farhana tell a familiar and novel story. The hope and passion, the connection and community, the poverty and oppression and patriarchy. The value of those young women getting a glimpse of what is possible without a path to get there.

But in all of that, still, the love of the glowing sun over the crashing waves and water.

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